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Reading the wind correctly

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Two days ago I competed for the 1st qualifier for two international tournaments. Two weeks from now, I'll compete again for the 2nd qualifier in another stadium(new venue).

We were shooting in an football stadium where the wind and rain were wreaking havok on most archers including myself except for the top guys who read the wind very well.

It was first time for me to experience this kind of wind(swirling and in all directions).

The 16 t.butts lined up were giving different signals. some were moving violently, some moved a bit while some didnt even move. The flagpole to my left were not also much help.

I don't have the luxury of shooting in another stadium nor shoot outdoors.

Ive been shooting in a 90m indoor facility(warehouse) for awhile.

In order for me to qualify I know that it is critical for me to read it correctly.

Do you have any tips for me?

Much appreciated.

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A lot of the wind conditions don't require you to shoot out side of the spot so if you shoot tothe wind side of the spot, and get a good confident shot off you will know where to shoot the next shot---and if the wind slacked you might catch high points by not out guessing.

All is dependent on the speed/size of your shafts and the wind effects on them.

Shooting in the wind is the only way to instill the ability of your bow to shoot through any wind condition.

Even though you shouldn't chase the wind with your windage adjustment, you do need to know how much one yd is vs 2 or 3 yds in drop/rise on the target face so you can read what the target face is telling you.
At that point you know either were to hold or set sight for more consistent wind front or back.

While practicing at ydge you'll shoot at take time to shoot group after stepping forward one full pace, and then again 2paces --repeat step back, this will give you a read on the target face that you can put a known value on for use in all invirenments of similar distance w/your equipment.

Again you must shoot in it to know it.

I change yds on sight all the time but never use windage adjustment at the range for changing invirnments, you must have 100% confidence in where center is at all times or the test shot means nothing.

As always the ability to group is the only way that you can have confidence in what you read when you make that first shot.
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