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2004 Is The Year For Change"
New “Scoring System” unveiled by World Classics

Until now, many hunters where scratching their heads and wondering where they could register their trophies. Most archers are purchasing compound bows that have a high let off and under some of the current scoring systems, can’t register their trophies. Other hunters that have taken trophies by other methods have also found that there is nowhere to register them because they don’t meet the criteria of the other systems. So World Classics has gone “on-line” to provide these archers with a modern scoring system that will not only accommodate them, but will welcome them to the most modern scoring system in the world.
CEO, President, Dan Stapleton says that World Classics will help bridge the gap left by the other scoring systems, by accepting all legal methods of taking of deer and turkey. Stapleton says that a lot of “Archery and Hunting” talk has been centered around some of the current systems and the purchasing of high let off bows and he says that the archery hunter doesn’t have to worry about where they will be able to register their trophies from now on.
Stapleton says that the other scoring systems are unique in how an animal must meet their scoring criteria and World Classics will also have scoring criteria that the animal must meet. World Classics will be scoring for deer and turkey to begin with, and will also be working to get all species that are currently being recognized, into his organization’s records also.

World Classics criteria to enter deer into their system will be a minimum of 120” overall gross with “No deductions”.

Why has World Classics started with 120” gross score?
Stapleton says, “120” gross score is or should be a trophy in any ones book. Some of the other systems start at 106,” but don’t count the spread as part of the score. This will make World Classics as unique as the other Records systems”.

Why has World Classics eliminated deductions from the gross score?
Stapleton believes that there is no “perfect” set of antlers on any deer and by giving the full gross score will honor the animal and the hunter.

The World Classics comparison:
For instance, a hunter takes a deer with a gross score of 130” and has 5 ½” of deductions. This will lower the net score to 124 ½”, and will disqualify the animal because there wasn’t enough of the gross score to make any of the current systems. So the hunter is left with an animal that can’t be entered into any of the present record systems that allow for the inside spread, as it should be.

Will World Classics be as strict on the rules of “Fair Chase” as the other records systems?
“Our organization will pledge to uphold the strict rules of fair chase and the taking of game by all legal methods,” says World Classics CEO. Holding the other scoring systems in high esteem, the CEO of World Classics wants the general public to hold World Classics as high as the other record systems. Stapleton says, “The top “Record Systems” are revered and quoted by most hunters and we would like to have the name “World Classics” posted next to them as one of the best Record Systems in the world”.


Why is World Classics placing the Wild Turkey into their records system?
World Classics CEO says that currently there are only a few small records systems that score and record the wild turkey. World Classics wanted to elevate the wild turkey to the position that is held by the other animals around the world that are currently being scored and recorded. Turkey has become very popular and avid hunters that hunt the turkey need to have a place where they will be able to record their trophies.

World Classics criteria to enter Turkey into their system will be a minimum of 13 ½” overall gross score.

Why has World Classics started with 13 ½”gross score for wild Turkey?
World Classics set the minimum for a turkey beard at 11” and each turkey spur at 1 ¼”each, totaling 13 ½” gross score. The turkey can be scored soon after the kill, when the turkey has been mounted, or after it has been skinned, just as long as the feet are attached to the skin. Stapleton says that this is a respectable gross score and puts the class of ‘Turkey” into the same elevated category as the other recognized species.
At this time World Classics will only recognize the "Eastern Wild Turkey", by any legal method of kill. World Classics will also be working to record all (5) species of turkey and will separate hunters into classes. World Classics will also have classes for multiple beards. World Classics has also decided that they will not try to calculate the weight of the turkey into the gross score because most states don’t weigh their birds. This will be less hassle to the hunter that has to get a turkey weighed and certified.

World Classics wants to recognize trophies that are taken by hunters with disabilities.
World Classics CEO, Dan Stapleton says the there are literally thousands of physically challenged men, women, and youths that have taken trophies and can’t enter them into any record system because of the method in which they used to take an animal. Under the World Classics System, these hunters will be able to register their trophies just as long as they qualify for the minimum score and were taken legally and have abide by the “Fair Chase “ rules.

World Classics will also register all Children under 16, with disabilities, for free !
World Classics CEO, Dan Stapleton has “hands on” experience with physically challenged people because he was fortunate to grow up with his older brother that was born with several physical disabilities. “As we both were growing up, we didn’t see the differences in our physical make ups, because we were growing up together and we learned to do things in our own way. I had as many difficulties as he did when it came to learning new things. There were many things he could do better despite his physical disabilities.” These young people deserve a place to put their trophies and I think it’s in the World Classics records, that these trophies belong!

World Classics wants the hunter to be remembered for not only their trophies, but for their experiences of the hunt!
World Classics is asking every hunter that has an entry to write their “story of the hunt” and will present these stories along with a picture of the animal taken into their Trophy Gallery. “Every hunter has a story to tell about how they have taken their animal. Some stories will be textbook, others will be very funny, and all will tell the story from the heart and mind of the hunter. Many hunters can also learn from the experiences of others. We will also send information on how to write your story if you are having trouble trying to remember what went on during the hunt,(World Classics Hunting Story Hints) "This is exciting! There are millions of stories out there, that will come from ordinary hunters. They'll get their chance to tell their story and we'll print it for them and in their own words", Stapleton says.

How can a hunter or record holder contact World Classics?
World Classics can be found on the Web at and the e-mail address is [email protected].\

What will be the cost to the hunter or record holder?
To get into the World Record’s for World Classics, there will be a small charge of $25.

What does the hunter or record holder get for their $25?
The non-record holder will receive a Membership certificate for a 1 Year membership, a World Classics hat and a 1 Year prescription to our newsletter.
The record holder hunter will be entered into the Lifetime Records System, along with his picture of his entry and story that will be entered in our “Gallery”, a Record certificate, and a 1 Year membership, a World Classics hat and a 1 Year prescription to our newsletter.

How can someone score for World Classics?
World Classics has established a section on their website under “Scoring Information” in which a potential scorer may apply. By clicking on the “Application Form” a potential scorer can fill out the necessary application to get approved as a scorer for the new system. “We have contacted several scorers that score for some of the other systems and they are more than willing to help us out. We are “Grand fathering” those scorers that are scoring for the other systems, they must apply and show certification from the other systems. We made this decision because it would help the other systems also by gaining access to other trophies to be scored. Please contact us at [email protected].
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