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Hey there, I am looking to purchase several recurve items.

I am looking specifically for:
- Hoyt GPX RH (no fusion colors please, hopefully red/silver/blue anodized would be great.
- Fivics X2 RH Titan riser
-Shibuya Sight (not dual click std, pref carbon ultima or similar)
- Short SF Limbs 26 lbs OR Medium SF Limbs 30-32 lbs
- Shibuya plunger
- Shibuya rest

In the general areas I am looking for things can just work for me
- Chest protector
- Bow stand
- Clicker (maybe an extended one)
- Stab set w/ vbars (Any kind would be great as long they are in good condition)
- Stringer
- Bow Square

Though I am searching for specific things I will also consider similar items around the same kind (like the plunger/rest).

Feel free to PM me or comment, thank you.

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I have a brand new shibuya sight, clicker ( win and win carbon ), win and win stab set (wiawis), win and win bow stand, and chest protector (win and win large)
let me know if you want anything to buy
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