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I am currently using a Truefire Stalker (3-finger, T-handle) release. It retails for around $37. I'm considering upgrading to a TRUball Pro Diamond ($80-$90). This is for hunting first, 3D second. Is this justified? Is the TRUball that much better? If I buy the TRUball, should I get a talon head or caliper head (I shoot off of a loop). I know this as a lot to do with preferences, but I'd like to hear what everyone has to say.

Thanks for the advice.

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It's definately worth the upgrade and difference in price.

I like the caliper head. That is what I use.

The Pro Diamond is a great hunting and 3D release. I like the fact that you can clip it on your d-loop and grad it when mr. big horns shows up unexpectedly. ;)
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