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Replacing treestand straps with ratchet straps..

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How many of you guys do this and what types of straps have worked well for you guys? I have a few stands that it's kind of tough to tighten really well and thought ratchet straps would work really good.

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We always use an additional ratchet strap at the base of the stand on set-ups we leave out all season. We don't use ratchets topside. We have replaced lots of chains with straps. We got lots of the chain on stands dirt cheap, and we prefer straps on most sets, so we replaced with straps. We have had good luck with "gorilla" straps. Nice and tight, easy to remove, and quiet. The ratchet on the base does give a warm and fuzzy feelin' climbing aboard @ oh-dark thirty, though!:wink: We buy the camo packs from box stores on the ratchet straps. I dunno the brand. I think they are four packs.
They tighten up well.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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