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Hi All
I am new to this site and a new compound bow shooter, (going on three days with my new Hoyt LazerTech). One of the reasons I have taken up the compound is the fact that my brother has been inviting me for years to join him ruffled grouse hunting in the wilderness of Quebec. What one does is to drive around all day on a quad, on old abandoned logging roads. When the grouse come out of the woods for gravel, one stops, and dismounts. When the bird takes off you blast it, (to smithereens?) with a twelve-bore using seven and a half shot. You then take your fifteen bird limit back to camp to brag while feasting and picking lead out of your teeth.
Somehow this never made much sense to me. I am thinking it would be much more of a challenge to make a twenty to twenty-five yard shot with my lightweight compound, using a blunt tipped arrow so the bird will have at least a minimal chance of escape and, if I hit, I won't be risking the ingestion of shotgun pellets. Herein lies my question.
What type of head would you recommend? I really don't want to tear up the bird too much. There is little enough to eat without pulverising it. I have seen rubber blunts, Judo heads and bird heads in the Martin Archery online catalog. The bird heads look like they have a wire frame, similar in shape to a four-leaf clover and come in 3 inch and 6 inch diameters. the 3" model weighs in at 295grains. Seems like I might require a heavier spine if I screw these tips on.

What heads do you guys use for birds?

Any advice will be appreciated and I hope I did not break any protocall with this post
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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