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Retail Packaging for the ArrowSmith Arrow Tuning Tool Hits the Shelves

Myrtle Point, OR (12/12/14) During the 2014 ATA Show, VaneTec, Inc. introduced the
ArrowSmith Tuning Tool to archery dealers. Now, this versatile tool is all dressed up in its new
retail packaging and ready to hit the retail shelves.
Owner Chris Metzgus commented that, “With more and more
archers building their own arrows, we wanted to provide archery
pro shops the ability to supply shooters with a handy tool to help
make their arrows perfect. It just made sense to introduce the arrow
tuning tool to the consumer at the retail level”.

The compact, handheld arrow tuning tool easily fits inside your
pocket, on a lanyard or in your hunting pack. At 1” x 6.25” and
weighing only 2.25 ounces, its portability provides instant access
for on-the-fly arrow building and repair in the field, at home or on
the range.

This universal tool features:
• Carbon Shaft Internal Cleaning Brush
• Nock Adjusting Pin
• 2, 3 or 4 Blade Broadhead Wrench
• Replaceable Carbide Stripping Insert
• Machined Anodized Aluminum
• Stainless Steel Components

See your local archery retailer and ask for the ArrowSmith Arrow Tuning Tool by VaneTec.
About VaneTec, Inc: VaneTec manufactures precision arrow vanes and adhesives. Each individual
vane maintains consistent tight tolerances in weight, shape, dimensions, texture and color. Their
rigid construction gives them maximum durability, solid stability and excellent memory. Vanes are
compatible for hand and machine fletching, and come in four profile categories and 13 colors.
VaneTec is located in the heart of hunting country—Myrtle Point, Oregon—and the owners have
combined close to 50 years of specific, hands-on experience in the vane design and fletching
business. For more information, visit

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