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So here are my honest thoughts on the Rev 4 after tuning it and shooting a very limited number of arrows through it.

Tuning - Set rest at the recommended 7/8" center shot and 7/8" off shelf for for height. First shot with bare shaft through paper was 1/4' nock left and 1/4" low. Bumped rest to 13/16" and lowered rest just a hair and second arrow was bullet hole.

Grip - One of the best grips I've shot and I've shot a lot of bows. Elite, Bowtech, Obsession, PSE, Expedition and Matthews. It is slim and for me the perfect angle which makes hand placement easy. I've always liked Elite grips the best and think this one is better. Bowtech I think are too low wrist and always have to buy an after market to make it feel right. Mathews grip are just terrible IMO.

Draw - Oh my goodness such a great draw. Starts out with the poundage and lets up to a smooth draw and just stops once it touches the cable. There is zero hump or drop into the valley, it just stops.

At the Shot and Balance - No felt vibe and the bow is very quiet. With the bow built out the pin sits on target really good and points very well.

Speed - I'm not sure on that one. 62 lbs at 29" and a 430 grain arrow.

Build Quality - Second to none - machineing and finish is top shelf. I did have a creak on draw, but backed out the lower limb bolt and greased the threads and it took care of it.

I'm really liking this bow so far and looking forward to start getting the single pin sighted in at distance. I think this bow is going to be a keeper.
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I can give you an idea on speed as my Rev 4 is at 62lb and 29" as well. 494gr arrow is running at 253fps. And 444gr arrow is going 267fps. So you should be a tick over 270.
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