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Right move or not?

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Looking for some opinions on my hunting strategy this year.

In the past years I would have already been hunting 9 to 10 times. This year I'm trying something diff. I'm going to try to stay out of the woods until the big boys start moving, Oct 20th or so. I have some good ground to myself but in the past years I've only seen does and small bucks early in the season.
It seems I start to see the bigger bucks around the 15th of Oct. I've tryed hunting closer to buck bedding areas in the early season but it doesn't seem to matter.

It's not easy to do, especially seing the posts from guys that are shooting big ones within a 100 mile radius of my area.

I don't think the mature bucks know I'm there just seems they don't need to move early in the season. I hunt 5 different 90 acre sections and all are either creek bottom or river bottom with water, cover and food within a stones throw from the bedding areas. I've designated sanctuaries in these areas and when I glass them I see the bucks get up, shake their heads take 15 steps and start feeding so I know they're in my area they just don't feel the need to move.

What do you guys think of my strategy?
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Kinda funny but im trying the exact same strategy this year as well. I have a 40 that is connected to a 1200 acre swamp and all i ever see are does fawns and small bucks. I have not been in those woods once this year and I am waiting until the rut kicks in. Hope it works but i know what you mean by seeing all the other bucks getting shot and chomping at the bit to get in the stand...:wink: Good luck
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