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I have a ripcord camo arrow rest ('05 model) and I'm concerned about fletching contact. I switched from vanes (due to slight contact with the ripcord rest prongs) to feathers. My feather fletchings are 4 inch right helicals. Should the cock vane be in the upright (12 o'clock) or downward (6 o'clock) position?

Also, after arrow release, the rest strikes the bow shelf exactly horizontally. Should I reposition the rest and raise it so that it meets the bow shelf on a slight downward position after arrow release? My bow is a Mathews FX, 65lb. pull weight @ 29" draw length, 27" ICS 340/400s arrow shafts, and I use a Cobra mechanical release.

I think timing of the ripcord fall may be an issue. I'm not sure if the release is fully up after the cocked position @ 1-2" before full draw. I'm thinking it is fully up long before I reach the wall @ full draw.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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