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ripcord...the good guys

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recently had reason to send two rests back for "overhaul"...both had factory type problems. the rests were a drop zone and a ripcord. both top end models. off they went usps priority. the ripcord was questions asked! the drop zone experience was a nightmare. i heard nothing for weeks...then i got the rest back untouched in the mail. a note claimed they had attempted (twice) to contact me via email and when i did not respond...they sent the rest back. i got no emails. none. why they did not notify me via mail (they obviously had my address) so i could call etc i do not know. both these rests are good rests. buy the ripcord...they really do care about your business.
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I experimented with and butchered the rest on my Ripcord so I e-mailed them asking if I could buy a couple more. They sent them to me for FREE. Needless to say, I have two bows and both wear Ripcords. I like 'em.
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