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Ripper 415 broadhead choice

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What broadheads has everyone had luck with out of the 415. Fixed that fly true? Mechanicals that stay together on in flight?
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I shoot nap spitfire maxx and xxx no problems.I really like the wacem fixed but had a problem with the three blade coming to close to riser.Goin to order some 22in tapps that will clear the riser.The three blade are 1 1/4 cut I have four blade also they are 1" no problem with them very accurate.I just like the three blade better.
I'll second Spitfire Maxxs. Fly true and stay together. Have 2 kills this season with them on does through the heart with massive blood trails. I'll add Grim Reaper Pro Series 3 blade 1.5" crossbow heads. One kill this season also with them so far. Double lung 35 yard shot, poi was exactly like field point. The doe made it 50 yards by rolling down a hill. Either of these heads, I can attest, are very lethal.

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I'm shooting swhacker 2 and 3 blade both are about 3/4 inch low from my field points. I'm going to be shooting 3 blade for turkey season. I shot these out to forty yards with 3 different arrows and randomly switching the heads between arrows. Spynal taps are 435 grains.
Ended up with magnus black hornets! Shoot amazing
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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