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River's Edge 22ft ladder stand

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Anyone have either the one man or two man River's Edge ladder stand. What are your thoughts?
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I have the one man. It takes a while to put it together. I have it on a tree now in the yard for target practice. I don't like how it sets on the tree. The seat back does not have a "V" cut out to fit the tree like the foot rest does. This makes it hard to fit all trees. The ladder needs to be more stable. I actually got a long ratchet and put on the ladder as well as the brace that comes with it. The worst part is moving it. It is very, very heavy. You can't put it up by yourself. I think once you get it on your tree, you will enjoy it, because it is comfortable and I do like the height for bow hunting. All in all, I like the tall Loggy Bayou stands better. I have two of those. They are safer to me, and that's important in a tall ladder stand.
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