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After months of testing, here is my long-term review of the Rocky Mountain 5-Pin Direct Mount sight.

I asked Rocky Mountain for this sight because I was on the lookout for an affordable sight with full adjustability and solid build quality. Rocky Mountain lists this sight for $80, but Lancaster is selling it for $65 and you can find it for even less if you look hard enough. In my humble opinion, that is incredible value for the money.

This sight has been super solid through thousands of arrows on the Hoyt Carbon RX-1. Nothing has come loose and nothing is vibrating. The pins are easy to adjust and you can do micro vertical and windage adjustments on the scope housing without tools. Finally, it offers third axis adjustability, though that is a bit tough to set properly.

Check out the video for more information. Thank you for watching.

If you can't see the embedded video above, here is a direct link -
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