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Rocky Mountain Ti-100 3 Blade Broadhead:

Construction: Machined Titanium, Stainless Steal,

This is one tough broadhead! The blades are super sharp and it flies like a dart! Only one way to sum it up - AWSOME. I have been a big fan of the Rocky Mountain Ironhead 125 for the last few years and wished they had a 100 grain model that was dead on the specs and design. The Ti-100 does just that. I have found I can get this head to shoot great even at speeds of 308 fps. It is very durable and proved it when I messed up a shot & wacked my metal barn!

Blades = 3 Stainless Steel
Ferrule = Machined Titanium
Heads per pack = 3
Price = $32.99

Rating system: 1 = poor, 10 = best.

Durability: 10 - Very tough and solid design. They Should last for many years and the blades are nice and thick and they hold up very well.

Quality: 10 - Everything fit together super tight, super sharp, and precise.

Price: 7 - This is the only flaw with this broadhead. they cost over $60.00 for six. Granted they will last a long time but I still think they should be a bit cheaper.

Warranty: 10 - Rocky Mountain Broadheads stand behind their products 100%! If you have a problem they will help you.

Total Score: 9.25

Final Comment: Great broadhead, great company, and space age materials add up to a top of the class hunting broadhead. This is one of those products that really stands above the rest. The Ti-125 is a solid perfromer too and sports a larger cutting diameter. I have shot both and would advise any hunter looking for one of the best 3 blade broadheads on the market to try them. If the price dosn't scare you the sharp blades sure will!

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