Got some stuff for sale. Cleaning the room out and wanting to move stuff.

1.) 12 Victory RIP Shok Taper 50gr. Alum.- $30
2.) Outdoor Edge Razorlite knife- $25
3.) Rhino Blind Bags (2 New)- $10 each
4.) Primos Lil Jack Turkey Call (glass) in excellent condition- $25
5.) Primos Rack n' Roll- $20

6.) 6 Easton Axis 5mm 340's for sale.
● 29" carbon to Nock Throat
● Approx. 28 11/16" Carbon to Carbon
●Blazer Fletched with a 2⁰ LEFT helical.
● Standard Aluminum H.I.T. and "X" Nocks installed.
● T.A.W. with a 100gr tip is 420gr.

Labels are crisp. Arrows have barely been shot, some not at all and all are in excellent condition.$65

Prices do not include shipping.