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I have a Guido's Web and would like to swap out from the stock set-up to a rope bridge setup similar to what has been talked about on here before. It doesn't look like anyone is making this setup anymore for forum members to buy. So this is what I was thinking and I wanted some validation on whether or not it would be sufficient.

I'd like to purchase this (which I know is sufficient):

These 2 below I need clarification on whether or not they are sufficient to hold fast:

Then, instead of using a strap between the 2 D-rings on the web as a bridge. I'd like to use a section of climbing rope tied directly to the web itself, on both sides, using a figure 8 on a bight on each side. The reason I'd like to do this is to eliminate the 2 D-rings. I can make this long enough to step through when folding the web up after use.

Then, to add adjustability, since the rope bridge will be a little long. On the right side I was going to tie another section of rope to the web with another figure 8 on a bight, then tie a blakemore's hitch around the bridge.

Essentially this will give me the same set up as the new tribe aero evolution without any metal on either side of me.

So 3 questions:

1. Should I expect this to hold or should I just abandon the idea?

2. What rope would you suggest using?

3. Anyone have a better idea without using the D-rings on each side (trying to eliminate noise)?
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