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Ross Carnivore 34

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I just shot this bow last night for the first time. Im in a 5 spot league. Set up the bow the night before. I did not get to shoot it after setting it up. Just lasered the rest. I sighted it in 2 rounds and than shot it for score. 300 58x the first round.
I'm very impressed with this bow. Quiet as a church mouse. Very forgiving. And looks like its pretty fast. pulls smooth and holds like a dream. This will make someone a great bow. You need to shoot one if you havent.
I'm considering purshasing one now. I just borrowed this one from a dealer. The Ross 37 would make a great spot 3dbow. And this 34 would be a great asa and hunting bow.
Ross/bowtech you hit a homerun with this one. Mike
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Yes I was very supprised of this bow. I expected it to shoot. Like every other 34in bow. Not the case, THis one was awsome, Nothing short of amazing.
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