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Rut not over!!

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The Rut is not over, I did not even see it start, I witnessed 2 bucks chasing does today, one big buck at 10am. He is hot on 2 does crossing a field. I think with the weather and the moon phases there is no "real" peak this year, some does are just coming into estrus anytime of the month. This is the most chasing I have seen the whole month!
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Most of the actual running of "hot" Does in my area was witnessed between Nov 5 - 10. The 9th was the hottest day in my own woods. Several different bucks including two "shooters" chased two different Does around everywhere that day. I'm expecting some late estrus Does and possible some Doe Fawns to enter estrus in the next couple weeks. That's one thing, you just never know what is going to happen at this time of the year in the deer woods??? Good luck to ya :cool:

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I seen more deer 5 minutes from my house this week than the whole rest of the month.

2 1/2 days I saw a dozen & 1/2 deer.

Had a group of 8 deer at once come through, the last one being a HUGE buck. The other deer I did not notice having antlers.

Rut, you bet it's still on.
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