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saftey harness under outer clothing??

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hi i'm new to bowhunting this year, i'm looking to hunt in a tree stand, and was wondering if it's possible to wear the safety harness underneath your camo. i've got the Game Tracker full body/ climber harness and hopefully getting the lonewolf alpha sit and climb stand. any thoughts on this and on these products??? any help would be great!
thanks again.
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· Simon Cowel of AT
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Welcome to bowhunting! I hope you enjoy it as much as most of your fellow members here have.

You can wear the GT safety belt underneath your outer clothing with no problems. That is the same way I use mine. Just feed the lanyard out the collar and hook the tree portion high on the tree. Please always use the safety belt we would hate to hear anything bad happening to you or anybody else.

Be sure to do a trial run with your gear so you know exactly what range of motion you will have in the stand. Goodluck this year and be sure to let us know how successful you've been. DCM
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