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Saftey harness......which one?

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Which safety harness do you guys use?I have one of the older SOP harnesses and it has worked fine.The only problem is the un-tangle exercise you have to do every time you put it on.I have seen the vest types and the only problem I have with them is....1)I hunt in alot of warm weather here in NC 2)they are not in predator camo which I use alot of. I was wondering if there is a better Harness out there that is an improvement over the older SOP?
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btomlin said:
I still use the original SOP that I've had for 5 or 6 yrs. A rock climber friend of mine made me a attachment line that works much better than the system of wrapping one line around the tree and attaching to this.

Basically, it is one slightly longer main line with 2 pursit(sp) knots on it that can be slide up and down the line to adjust lenght. 1 pursent(another try) has a loop and the other has a climbers hook.

(i should just post a pink, but the main line is pink):confused:
Please post a pic, I'd like to see the setup!
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