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Saw Waddell Tonight

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He's at our Wildlife Expo in Jackson MS. Just saw him briefly but hopefully will get a chance for a quick pic or small talk tomorrow. Missed his talk on stage but hopefully tomorrow he'll have some more good stories.
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No problem bro. :) On the pics though; not the rubbing it in. LOL I'll post them tonight when I get back home.
I'm sorry bud. No pics. :( I forgot my camera in the truck and there was just so many people everywhere it was hard to get in and out. Also had the Promise Keepers right next to the Extravaganza so that made for twice the normal people. I did get to talk to Michael for about 1 minute. Got to hear him talk for a good bit though. What a great down to earth guy. He is the friendliest celebrity I've ever met. Put him right there with Barry Wensel. Said he's headed to Montana Sept 1. Best of luck Michael. Kill a monster.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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