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everyone I've been cruising the forums for the last month after getting back in to archyery after 16yrs and this one looked to contain a good informative bunch.

I bought my first PSE (model which I can't remember) back in 1994. It was a top of the line bow at the time but due to career moves and locations I sold the bow.

Now living in N. NV I have more time and a better location along with a 6yr old girl which has taken an interest in it.

I bought us both bows a little over a month ago and we are both loving it. Me a little more then her but it's hard keeping a 6yr olds attention. Still she is up for practice about 4 times a week and she is doing quite well in my opinion. I bought her a Diamond Nuclear Ice. She was shooting a cheap Bear that really wasn't accurate or capable of letting her learn on which is why I got her the Nuclear Ice.

She was shooting from 10 yards and doing quite well in my opinion and her skills are increasing. I'm thinking I might take her to a 3-D shoot in a couple weeks just to see if she's interested.

For me I got a PSE since I liked my first one. Knowing next to nothing about the new technology in bows I decided to just pick up a lower end PSE Stinger. After a couple weeks I ditched the Whisker Bisquit and PSE sight it came with which are now on my daughters bow. I replaced it with a Ripcord Code Red rest and a Truglo Micro adjust 5 pin sight. It's a good bow but I'm thinking I want to go up in quality and pull weight. My current PSE is a 50-60# maxxed at 64#. I plan on keeping the rest and sight but haven't made up my mind on the bow.

My plans for the bow are mostly target but I'd like to hunt big game a couple times a year which my daughter will hopefully join me for in a couple years. I shot rifle competitions for many years so I still have the desire to have a tack driving capable tool.

I've shot several bows recently including PSE's Bow Madness, Diamond Iceman, Bowtech Captain, Hoyt Maxxis 31, and Hoyt Alphaburner.

So far I'm leaning towards a Hoyt. The Alphaburner and Maxxis 31 were awesome and felt great for me. Unfortuantely the dealers around here have very short distance ranges and the Hoyt dealer didn't even have sights on the bows. I'm also leaning towards a longer ATA but wanted some opinions. My understanding is that I will see better accuarcy from the longer ATA. I'm also being told to stay with the longer brace. I'm curious what people think of the AB's 6" brace lentgh though. Is it enough for that longer distance nail driving accuarcy? Although I didn't try it yet the Hoyt dealer suggested the Maxxis 35 if I'm looking for a very accuarte bow.

So any opinons would be greatly appreciated and also being on a budget is another reason I came here in case I can pick up a good deal for a used bow. Being on a budget though I'm wondering if I should also be considering a Alphamax 35 since they seem to run a bit less.

Sorry for the long introduction and if I need to throw my questions in the general forum, please let me know.


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welcome and sorry I can't help w/ technical stuff. There's lots of folks who can though on the different threads. I'm still a rookie archer but enjoy the campfire aspect of this site:shade:

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