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Usally 1/2" of fibor is enough. Some like them long and some like them short. Personnal perference.

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drilled lens


You purchase the fiber optic the same diameter as the drilled hole.
Cut it to the length you want, (usually 1/2" or longer), and use a match or lighter to mushroom one end and insert it in the hole.
The fit should be tight enough to keep it in and if not, mushroom the back also.
To mushroom the end, just heat the end.
DO NOT over mushroom the ends. :)

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...the fiber "will" slide...

...unless you go to the "stick on" dot or circle type aiming devices...not sure you'll getaway from the "slide" action of the fiber!!...

...the length??...well a "shorter" fiber will not "collect" as much light...doesn't mean it won't be a bright as a longer one for most instances...but under "poor" light it "may not" be as bright as a fiber that is a bit longer...

...just the nature of the "light collecting" fiber beast!!...

...the "fiber slide" is somewhat natural...and can also be dependant on the scope and size of the "drilled" center...which is why the fibers come in different Diameters...such as .019, 029 etc...match the fiber up to the diameter...cut a length you'd like to try...

...and take your best shot!!...

...happy shooting:) ...


Thanks BROKEN ARROW256:) ...I got called away in the middle of my reply!!...BOONE'S was weak...needed help...:D

DD was weak Too:p

to keep the fiber in one place:::::
you can pinch it in the middle,,carefully not to break the fiber. then it will stay there..
I like to cut mine the same lenght as the scope housing, that way you can put it in a carrying case and not bend it...

DD, what you talking,,, sliding in and out is natural;) pinch that bad boy and stick it in,,get it stuck:eek:

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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