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PLEASE post other business, congratulations, etc. on the team threads so we won't have to sift through other posts to get scores. Thanks.

Here are the rules for the 2018-19 Deer Contest. There are a few differences from previous years, so please read them thoroughly!

*** Please be advised of this rule change – you may now enter a second buck as a doe score of 50 points regardless of what the buck scores. If you shoot two bucks and no doe, your bigger buck will be scored as your buck and your second buck will be scored as 50 points. ***

***Be reminded that when entering photos for scoring you are expected to include the harvest data (the date, time and state of the kill). In addition, all entries must be posted within 10 days of the harvest date***

***If you fail to post a pic with your bow or the required data either 12-Ringer or King will likely reach out to remind you (more than likely your teammates will jump all over you :wink:), but we have had several instances where a deer went off to the processor and a photo with the bow was unable to be produced. NO bow in pic, NO points for your team. IN addition, IF you are reminded to add your harvest data, a 10-day clock will start the date you are reminded, if you don't enter the data, no points for your team.***

All deer must be taken under Fair Chase conditions and should be measured using the gross score as measured by Pope and Young or Boone & Crockett measuring instructions. If your deer is in velvet just measure it as is – no need to strip the velvet for this contest. Use the sum of all normal point measurements AND abnormal point measurements (add row E column 4 to the subtotals of columns 1, 2, and 3). See the link below for an online calculation.

Each contest participant can score up to 2 animals for points (see below) that contribute to a team point total. The winning team will be the one with the most points at the end of the contest.

>>> NOTE: We will edit or delete any posts we see questioning the score posted for someone's buck. To challenge a buck score (this is strongly discouraged) send a PM to 12-Ringer or King. If your buck is scored and is challenged by someone in a PM sent to 12-Ringer or King, you may be asked to provide all the individual measurements in a PM to 12-Ringer or King. The staff reserves the right to not accept any or all score challenges or follow up on any challenges - we've got stuff to do outside of this contest. In the past, wrong scores have typically been a matter of people not knowing how to score their buck rather than an intentional attempt to overstate the score. Some scores were even understated.

The contest will only allow for deer taken under FAIR CHASE conditions to be entered into the contest for points. See Rule #7 below for examples of how to label your entry as “Fair Chase”. Absolutely, under no circumstances, will a high fenced deer be allowed entry into the contest. If a member enters a high fenced deer as a fair chase kill and it’s found to be high fenced, that member will no longer be allowed to participate in future contests. We pride ourselves on running a fair and fun contest that deceitful behavior will result in termination from this and future contests. This contest is supposed to be fun for everyone involved. Let’s keep it that way.

In addition to the rule change above, we are no longer allowing elk, bear and moose to be scored in the contest. In the past we’ve allowed them to count as 20 points, however, we feel the need to remove them from the contest since they aren’t deer.

Let's all have a safe and successful season! Deer Contest sign-ups open July 1st!

1. First entry date is August 10, 2018. An earlier 2018 harvest date is permissible.

2. Final harvest entry date will be March 1, 2019 - 7:00 AM EST. All deer must be entered by then or they will not count.

3. It doesn't matter how many states you buck and one doe, one doe and a second doe (for people who enter a second doe instead of a buck) or two bucks will count for your score, no matter where taken. You may score two antlered bucks for points; however, the lower scoring buck will only count as 50 points. A button buck of any deer species can be scored as a doe for 50 points.

You can replace a buck or second doe score with a buck that scores more points.

4. NO PICTURE OR VIDEO, NO SCORE. Do not take your deer to the processor before you take a picture of it with your bow in the picture. All pictures should be tasteful (don't worry too much about tongues hanging out, but try to limit the blood). You must post a picture or post a video link of your harvest to count as scored!

5. Your deer (not just horns and cape) and the bow must be in the picture. You do not have to be in the picture, but it is encouraged. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES ACCEPTED HERE! THE BOW MUST BE IN THE PICTURE! If your bow is not in the picture then that picture will not count toward scoring any points for your team. Memorize this rule and don’t forget it when you hunt!

5A. Acceptable photos (these types of photos will score points):
a) photo of bow, deer, and hunter in the field
b) photo of bow and deer in the field
c) photo of bow, deer, and hunter in the back of a truck at home
d) photo of bow and deer in the back of a truck
e) photo of bow and deer with skin still on and hanging in a garage

5B. Unacceptable photos (NO POINTS AWARDED for these types of photos):
a) photo of deer without your bow in the same photo
b) photo of just a set of horns or a European mount and your bow
c) photo of your mount from the taxidermist and your bow
d) photo of skinned carcass with bow in your garage

So, if you have a deer that you left overnight before tracking (or took a week to find) and when you recovered it you found it had been picked over by coyotes: take as tasteful a picture as possible in the field WITH YOUR BOW in order to score points. No bow in picture means no points will be awarded. That means you will have to take your bow along for the recovery if there is even just a possibility that your animal has ruined by coyotes. If you cannot take your bow onto the land where the deer expired (no permission to hunt there) then you must drag what you can of the stinky remains of the carcass to where you can have your bow in the picture. No hard luck stories accepted here: you will have our sympathy, but no points.

Realizing that the photo rules cannot cover every specific situation exactly, the contest moderators will use their discretion in scoring photos that do not conform exactly to the rules. That said, no score will ever be accepted if a bow is not in the picture with the animal.

6. Please do not post a buck until you have measured him for an accurate score.

7. Please post your score (with picture) like one of the following examples – give us the measurements for the species you want scored (we’ll factor in any deductions or additions per rules 9-14):
Team 1 – Rut Dudes – Fair Chase whitetail buck 185 3/8”
Team 2 – Fast Feathers – Fair Chase whitetail doe
Team 3 – Straight Shooters – Fair Chase mule deer buck 154 0/8” (we will net this to 134”)
Team 4 – Shafted – Fair Chase Columbian Blacktail buck 65 3/8” (we will gross up to 100 3/8”)
Team 5 – Team Colorado – Fair Chase elk 307” (see rule 14 for how this will score)
Team 6 – Bloody Arrows – Fair Chase second doe scored as a buck

(by posting the team number and name it will help us navigate the scoring spreadsheet much faster to enter your scores)

8. If you measure your deer incorrectly and catch the error before the 7:00 AM deadline on March 1, 2019, you may enter a corrected score (please indicate it is a correction on your posting). Errors uncovered at a later date will not be corrected. If you have not scored a deer before, you should carefully read the Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett scoring rules several times and if need be, discuss them with teammates or official scorers in your area.

9. All does and button bucks (regardless of deer species – whitetail, blacktail, mule, Coues', Sitka), and whitetail bucks scoring under 50” count as 50 points. Whitetail does and whitetail button bucks are scored as does for points.

10. Mule Deer bucks will have a 20 point deduction in score (post the actual measurement – we will deduct the 20 points subject to the 50 point minimum).

11. Columbian Blacktail Deer bucks will receive an additional 35 points in score (post the actual measurement – we will add the 35 points, subject to the 50 point minimum).

12. Sitka Blacktail Deer bucks will receive an additional 60 points in score (post the actual measurement – we will add the 60 points).

13. Coues’ deer bucks will receive an additional 65 points in score (post the actual measurement – we will add the 65 points).

14. Crossbows are allowed in states where legal.

15. Bow kills gun, as this is an Archery contest...see crossbow rule above.

16. You MUST have fun! This is for bragging rights and camaraderie only!

Team Score Updates: 12-Ringer will provide scoring updates and time permits. The pdf score file and team scores thread will begin sometime around the third Sunday in September and will not be updated more than once each week.

Check your score once it appears on the pdf file (scored through your post number) to make sure 12-Ringer got it right (correct hunter awarded points, right number of points - if you notice something, send 12-Ringer a PM advising him of the mistake.

Game on!

Randy & Joe

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Team 12
Fair chase South Dakota mule deer
9/1/18 10:45am
158 6/8


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Montana fair chase doe
9-4-18 8:00p.m.
Team #6 Critter Getters

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Team #5 fair chase kentucky doe 9/3/2018 8:15 pm

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Team #21 The Procrastinators Fair chase Kentucky Sept. 4th. 7:00 pm 167 1/8 whitetail.

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100 points for Team 2 please.

Both shot today 7 Sep
First at 4pm second at 6pm
Carroll County Maryland
Fair chase public land

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Team # 7 Spontaneous Combucktion
Alberta, Canada
9/4/18 @ 12:13pm
183 2/8"Fair Chase Muley Buck


Blue Moon
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Team 2- Got a Pair
Fair chase whitetail
151 2/8”
Sept. 2, 2018
7:45 pm

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