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Sharpest broad heads ever….I am done.

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A few days back I tested these heads and they were some of the sharpest out of the box heads I have ever tested. With some ultra fine triangle croc sticks and strops these are now much sharper than the 125 replaceable blade control reading, plus the blade polishing is a nice bonus (second pic vs 3rd pic). I have got to be satisfied with these now, especially considering the thickness and steel quality. Not the ideal head for every situation, but for ultra big game they are my choice.
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· Corripe Cervisiam
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Rockwell- sometimes more is not better In a BH.

Its counter intuitive but tempered steel Heads with a very high Rockwell have been proven out NOT to be the best for bowhunting Due to the hard impacts.

So where its desirable for a processing knife to hold a good edge longer a BH that takes a hard impact can snap. The higher Rockwell makes the steel harder but also brittle ( like a file) There is a sweet spot there for BHs, seems to me its somewhere around 45-50R.

Ive talked to the owner of VPA, those heads hold a very good edge without being brittle at I think somewhere around 45 Rockwell. They

I know a few guys that bought those over tempered dangerous game heads from years ago and the BH broke and failed on buff ribs- tough to swallow on an expensive hunt.
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