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Sharpest broad heads ever….I am done.

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A few days back I tested these heads and they were some of the sharpest out of the box heads I have ever tested. With some ultra fine triangle croc sticks and strops these are now much sharper than the 125 replaceable blade control reading, plus the blade polishing is a nice bonus (second pic vs 3rd pic). I have got to be satisfied with these now, especially considering the thickness and steel quality. Not the ideal head for every situation, but for ultra big game they are my choice.
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@4IDARCHER what are you using to sharpen them? Just free hand on some stones and strop? Or a jig to help keep the angle consistent?

I’m Having mixed results on a Lansky I bought recently. I’ve gotten some grizzly SB BHs pretty sharp but not shaving sharp. I think it’s mainly operator error 😅. Although I have had good luck on my pocket knives with it.
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