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Shed Hunting (pics)

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Got my car fixed yesterday and decided to take it for a spin so i went out to do some shed hunting. Got to the property and talked to the landowners and was on my way. I drove back on the rough road I took to go in and parked to walk into the property, no less than 10 feet from where I parked my car I noticed a shed laying there that I somehow missed on the way in. It's a 5 point shed, but I didnt manage to find the other side. As you can see in the second photo the shed was dropped on a heavily used trail. a couple hours later I went back to the car just in time to see 3 deer feeding in the field along the heavy trail.

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this pics a little blurry but they where quite a ways off
Wildlife Deer Mammal Roe deer White-tailed deer

Heres an overview of some of the area
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Great find! This time of the year is perfect for getting out of the house and out into the woods!

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Great shed and looks like a real good piece of land to be hunting!
From what ive seen so far there is a ton of activity on this property, with at least one buck in the 150" range. im waiting for the snow to melt to get out to one of the other spots where ive seen 3 big whitetails while hunting, here is a set i found in that area while hunting this fall, and a decent mule shed my dad stumbled cross

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Idaho - Salmon River wolf / winter kill.

you could see where the elk were chased off the cliff and ended up in the bottom of the drainage. just part of the deal.:darkbeer:
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