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Good post DarrinM. It would seem you get IT.

The intro idea was fantastic. I bet it loosened up some of the contestants. For some, speaking in public on a microphone is one of the most frightening things they know. Shooting the shootoff after was likely a relief for those types.

For those that don't understand, this is the kind of thing you need to get used to as a pro. Interviews before and after etc. It is that way in all sports. If you can't hack it, you don't go pro. Being a pro means being in the limelight, not in some dark closet. Being a pro isn't just about shooting good, it is about many things. As a pro, you are the most visible face of archery to the masses. It is the Pro that will likely be the archer that will have to draw the outside spectators that are not archers. There are many other things. If you want archery to continue to be a backyard sport, get rid of the Pro class.

The intro thing that was done this year should be a standard from now on. Those are the things that are going to promote the sport.

The proper way to set the stage is having the shooter intros. We need more personality injected into our tournaments like this. Archers are not robotic clones. To grow archery as a spectator sport, you need personality. You need to draw in the audience, not make it like some clinical observation of a surgery in progress etc. That is boring and very dry. To grow archery, you need to make it a spectator sport. The intros are one of the things we can do. Great job Diane!!!!

Bruce has always tried to set the stage by mentioning money in every shootoff I have seen. The pro archers are not going to be scared silly by that. They are used to shooting for money. If they have their head on straight, they are only thinking of one thing. Hitting the X. Most are not even listening to him I would say. What Bruce is saying is for the audience, not the shooters in the shootoff.

If you are thinking about money or winning when you are up on the line for the shootoff, you are not going to realize those things.

It would seem that some would like to sequester the shootoff archers somewhere until the stage is set for the spectators????? Yes, lets insulate those poor souls from the excitement so they can deal with it better. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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