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Shooting League

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Due to the popularity of some other threads involving shooting leagues through AT...i thought i would try and start one...this league will be for fun (no prizes) and results will be posted...

I would like 15 shooters (3 teams of 5) and the team with the best score wins...once the teams are set...or if we have enough guys...i will start new thread to post scores etc.

Here are the rules and such. We will be using the same target which i will email to all players or post here

we will all shoot from standard indoor range (20 yrds) but you can shoot outdoor if you like...

If you cut a line the higher score counts.

15 Arrows per round - X's are for tie breakers but need to be counted - I attached a drawing of scoring examples.

When you send me your score send it in this format - (133 - 4X's) (PM it to me)

1. You can shoot anywhere you want- inside or outside.
2. You can shoot any bow or setup you want. It just don't matter.
3. Must shoot 5 arrows in a are allotted a small brake between if you want to take it- Once you say I started in your head your score counts.
4. Keep it fun and friendly. Friendly ribbing is ok but we will need to keep it nice as this will be posted.
5. I use you AT handle on the score card

Thats about it for rules. --

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im in

heck i will do it!! :thumbs_up

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Discussion Starter · #6 · is a vegas face...i photshopped the other 2 (of the 3 on a vegas face) out so they could be printed on a normal sheet of paper...

so we have 3
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