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shooting question?

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I just bought a new magnatec cam 1/2 and I shoots great but I'm having a hard time hold steady on the target and usually end up shooting high. I catch myself resting the pin above the x before releasing and I feel like I have to force myself to lower my bow arm . I thought about trying to find a heavier stabilzer but I want to see if you guys had any suggestions.

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Don't say TP!!! Check this out:
"_________Draw length troubleshooting:__________
A) If your draw length is too long your sight should float and never really stop. On too long of a draw length your misses will not be as far from the center but they will tend to be one side to the other without any consistency.

B) If your draw length is too short your sight
may momentarily stop but when it moves it is herky/jerky. On a too short draw length your misses will tend to be further from the center.

C) If your draw length is correct (in theory) your sight will stop momentarily and the movement will be slower and reduced."

Hope this helps. Be safe.
Shoot Straight
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