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Which sticker do you like and what size?

  • 6" American Flag Sticker

    Votes: 68 47.2%
  • 6" Confederate Flag Sticker #1

    Votes: 28 19.4%
  • 6" Confederate Flag Sticker #2

    Votes: 13 9.0%
  • 4.5" American Flag Sticker

    Votes: 33 22.9%
  • 4.5" Confederate Flag Sticker #1

    Votes: 7 4.9%
  • 4.5" Confederate Flag Sticker #2

    Votes: 1 0.7%
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This is a thread where your opinion matters!

I'm looking for some feed back for what the masses think of these shop logo stickers. Your comments are welcome since I asked for your opinion. Thanks.

Which would you prefer?

Also, which size? 6" Diameter window sticker or 4 1/2" Diameter window sticker.

American Flag Sticker
Logo Emblem Flag Texas longhorn Crest

Confederate Flag Sticker #1
Logo Symbol Crest Bull Emblem

Confederate Flag Sticker #2
Logo Emblem Crest Symbol Automotive decal

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Shouldn't it be Southern Drawl Archery?:D

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I like the first one. Also some people would take offense to the confed flag. It doesn't bother me but some don't like it. But since your in the south maybe it won't matter.

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Definitely the American flag.

While the confederate flag looks very cool, it still has some negative connotations that are best avoided. While I'm sure you don't mean to project anything negative, how it's perceived is not in your control.

Those are all VERY cool looking logos, btw.

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American flag
It's 2010 not 1865
I agree.....
Although some would love to argue, Why try to celebrate or honor the one time the UNITED states was not UNITED.

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Either.....they both look great.....

not to hi-jack but,

as for the Confederate Flag......HERITAGE NOT HATE.....

Why can millions of people migrate here and change what we do.....
example Press 1 for English....(enough said)
but yet some born, bred, alive and well southerner gets ridiculed over a flag...

It's time to take back America before she is gone...

and like the others....shoot me a PM, I wan't BOTH...CP

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Confederate Flag Sticker #1 is my vote.

I'd also go with a 6", anything smaller would be hard to see IMO
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