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short draw length

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I have a 30 lb take down recurve that draws 3o at 28" but my draw is 26" any I dea what my draw weight would be at 26" thanks
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my main concern is arrow spine the ones I have are a 500 spine from the charts I have seen that stiff for a 30lb bow, would it be stiffer at a shorter draw length
I think your 500's are much too stiff. In carbons I'd bet that 30" 800's with 80gn points would get you in the ballpark. Or, you could pick up some full length 1716 aluminums with NIBB points.
ok thanks
Its really simple to figure out . First have someone help you and pull the string back to your anchor point with a arrow as if you were going to shoot it . Have your helper mark where the arrow lines up with the end of the front of the bow . If you don't have a helper a plastic bread tie works great for arrows around the 9mm size . Place the bread tie at about 24 inches and as you pull the arrow back the bread tie will stop at the front of the riser and the arrow will slid through it and stop when you get to your anchor point . Once its marked slowly let the string go forward . Get a fishing weight scale that has a hook at the bottom and a handle at the top or a luggage hand held weight scale . They are both the same thing . Hang the handle from a good strong nail that is hooked upwards . Load the same arrow that you just marked . Hook the bottom of the scale next to your string nock and between the arrows nock. Have your friend watch the scale . Grab both sides of the riser and pull straight down until the marked end of the arrow or bread tab is lined up with the front of the riser . Hold it there and ask your helper what the scale reads . That is the most accurate way to get the bows poundage at your draw length .
I have had my wife mark an arrow I drew and her mark was the same as what I got with a marked arrow, 25.5 to 26" draw
I weighed my 35 @ 28" samick sage limbs the other day and at my 27" draw they pulled...37 pounds? I'm thinking I have some mismarked 40 pound limbs.
that is quite a jump up could be a mistake
I am shooting gold tip velocity 600 spine arrow. They are 5.75 grains per inch. They fly fast out of my 35lb bow.
ok but I have ashort draw,25 inches about 27 pounds
I also have a 26 inch draw length so I am probably shooting 33lbs off the finger. I have also been shooting 900 spine arrow from accmos. My 30 inch arrow weighs 255 grains. They are harder to control but shoot very fast
how do you deal with the extra arrow length
Don't worry about extra length. It help with your close range gaps to have a longer arrow.
If you want a bow for your Draw I got the Youth Longbow from GREAT PLAINS TRADTIONAL BOW COMPANY in the custom as that bow they are willing to make it for the poundage you need. The Youth Bow a Recurve has more contouring that the bow handle might not fit a fully grown adult as to what I was told by the company, as to why they recommend the Youth Longbow for older kids/teens as a first quality hunting bow. If the bow is too small for you size wise they are willing to with most models if you put in the weight _ pounds at 26 inches and get a pound heavier then you want just incase you draw to 25.5 inches and the Hill bow without the overlays is going to be the cheapest model at $750 with the recurves the Swift Long Curve in Wichita specific model being the next at $775. This might help you, they are one of the few brands that has a draw to what you need and not a 28 inch only as do a number of other custom/small brands where you then need to do the math for the bow at you draw.
thanks for the suggestion but a custom bow just isn't in my future
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