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short draw length

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I have a 30 lb take down recurve that draws 3o at 28" but my draw is 26" any I dea what my draw weight would be at 26" thanks
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Without actually measuring the bow on a scale…

Your know your bow is measured at 28”, which means during the approximately 20” of draw from the brace height (usually around 8”) to 28”, the bow goes from zero to 30#. So, for every inch of draw, your bow gains 30/20 = 1.5#. Thus, at 26” draw, your bow should be, as Viper1 said, about 27#.

As for spine, it would depend on the arrow length you want (which may be your draw length, or may be longer). For your 27# bow, a 26” arrow, should probably be somewhere in the 1.400 area, and if you want a longer arrow, say 28”, something like 1.200. Your .500s are WAY, WAY too stiff.
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