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i may be a little late on this, but i recently stopped by a local shop and shot the 08 models just for kicks.
Katera= simply awasome! silky smooth and very solid wall.
DXT= Light and quiet, but a little jumpy in my hand. Maybe its the grip that i cant get a consistant position with.
Xforce dream season= very fast! beat all the others by 19 fps. Very quiet and just a tad of riser vibe, but not much.
Ross cardiac 31 by bowtech= The best feeling grip ive ever felt. Its a carbon composite that just fits your hand like a glove. Again very quiet and dead in the shot. Love the new cam with the draw stop. Very solid wall and a great feel and balance. One of the best feeling HUNTING bows ive ever shot. Only 7 fps slower than the DXT, but felt way better.
Overall= Katera gets my vote. Soo smooth! If it were a little lighter, it'd be the pic by a HUGE margin. That Ross also has my attention.
Oh well! it was just for fun. I'm sticking with my VTEC for now.
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