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Should i replace my strings?

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Hey everyone was wondering if you guys think i should replace these strings on my bear super kodiak 40#. As this is my only recurve bow so far i shoot it everyday and just noticed this yesterday and not sure if i should be worried. The steing itself i dont think is frayed but it looks like the ends of where theyve been twisted together. Also what kind of silencers do you guys recommend. My boss had helped me and put rubber whiskers on it ( i think thats what theyre called ) but they came loose and fell off yesterday ( I underestimated just how big a difference it makes with those on ) thats when i really noticed the string itself. As always any and all help is appreciated guys thank you
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Is that the stock bear string that came on the bow?
if so, learn how to shoot with it but dont tune it just yet. When you are ready, go on ebay and look up a dude named “stilldub”. If that is a newer model kodiak which it looks to be, order you a new d-97 string.
he has a ton of options and is very reasonable on price. Great strings! Keep the stock string as a backup.
Beaver fur, rabbit fur, wool yarn, cat whiskers, all do a great job at dampening vibration. There are a ton of videos on youtube on how to install. I personally make my own wool puffs. Cheap and easy. Very satisfactory.
great bow! Keep slingin
Thanx guys makes me feel better. Gonna either get some beaver balls or make some yarn balls. I love shooting this bow, really like to get a heavier DW as this is only 40# maybe a little more since I'm a 30 1/2 DL but I have no good shops around that actually carry trad bows in stock so I can feel and handle before ordering one
Your string is fine. Just apply a little string wax and rub it in, laying those tag ends down. If the construction of the Flemish Twist string bothers you change to an endless loop style string.

With an endless loop string the ends of the string and string loops are served. I think they are a little more durable , that is just my experience.

You don’t need to buy a bow. A 40 pound bow drawn to 30.5 inches is almost 47 pounds. You gain draw weight of roughly 2.5 pounds for every inch you draw past 28 inches.

When purchasing a new string just make sure you purchase the correct string material, as your limb tips may or may not be reinforced. If they are not reinforced you will have to purchase a Dacron string.
I was thinking about getting a long bow next. They look fun and comfortable to shoot. I just want all the bows lol it's kind of becoming an obsession.
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