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I have thoroughly enjoyed shooting [sometimes MORE than once a day] in my back yard range. Dropped both bows to 61 lbs and liking it even more. Next bow [XT?] will probably be a 60 lb limb model.
ANYWAY,,when I read of posters here mentioning SHOULDER INJURY...I always wonder HOW they got injured....shooting their bow?..or some other cause?
Alan in GA.
hopefully healthy shoulders and r. cuffs forever..
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i hurt mine rollar skating. But had been already torn doc says and i just finnished it off. Never had bothered me at all till i finnally tore it. I used to shoot 70#s also but never again. Got a bow with 50# limbs and maxed out at 53 for hunting. Target bow is about 53 for indoor and bumped it up a couple of #s for outdoor mabe 55 0r 56. thats all i need for me. AC
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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