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I have thoroughly enjoyed shooting [sometimes MORE than once a day] in my back yard range. Dropped both bows to 61 lbs and liking it even more. Next bow [XT?] will probably be a 60 lb limb model.
ANYWAY,,when I read of posters here mentioning SHOULDER INJURY...I always wonder HOW they got injured....shooting their bow?..or some other cause?
Alan in GA.
hopefully healthy shoulders and r. cuffs forever..
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I have no idea how I got mt shoulder injury (a complete, small, tear of the Rotator Cuff but can tell you it hurt a lot and was getting worse.

Went to an orthopidic(sp) surgeon and he said he would not operate, instead he gave me excersizes to do using a Theraband and no shooting for two months. After the two months I was able to shoot a 50lb bow and by season start was shooting 60lb.

That was three years ago and I'm still doing the excersizes and shooting a 60lb bow, I had been shooting 70 before the tear and that may have been the cause (I was 64 years old at the time).
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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