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Show specials at the ASA and IBO

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I'm going to be clearing out all of my cast handle releases, with the exception of the Hunter, for $45 with the standard head and 1 cam. This includes the popular solid brass ones. The upgrade to the Flip-it head is also being reduced to $10. Get 'em while there hot. The new machined X-Cel 3 finger will be replacing the Comfort2 line of cast handles but only in the 3 finger version. I'll have the X-Cel on hand too and some samples of upcoming colors.
Joe B.
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Thank you! You know we always look for a good deal at shoots so we can come home and say ,,,But Dear,,it was 50% off;)

see you there

The Hood-Lum

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Me too , Joe Shooting an ultra 3 now ready for a change. See ya @ Snowshoe.
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