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Show Us Your Scope — What’s Your Indoor Setup?

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It’s indoor season again. What scope are you running? Lens power? A pin? A dot? A ring? Add a little blurb about why it works for you! Let’s get a discussion going. Post pics!

I’m shooting an Axcel AV-31 with a 6x lens and a red pin. I’ll probably go back to a dot though for indoor. Maybe I’ll experiment with a ring. I’ve been out of the game for ten years and I’m still getting my sea legs back so any advice is welcome!
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I have 2 Sure Loc Challengers set up and 1 Sure Loc Supreme (pictured). I have another Sure Loc Supreme (black) that has never been assembled - some parts still in sealed plastic bags.
I have two extra 3rd axis blocks - change scopes in heart beat and be dead on.

I've had several other sights frames in the last few years and none of them had more to give than the Sure Locs.

I use the no longer available Millenium Grande scope housing with sun shade with 4X lens and .019" pin, red or green works for me. One large and one small housing.

I also have the no longer available Ultimate Eagle scope housing (half bill sun shade) with 4X lens and .019" pin, red or green works for me. A bit maller than the large Millenium.

Sometimes use .029" pins. Have both Brian's Custom lenses and Feather Vision lenses.

Rare, but have used circles with pins and cirlces with different size dots. Archery Specialty circles/dots.

I also use the Ruff Sight light on all my target bows - 3 set up and at the ready.

I have the Archery Specialty Ultra Lite Peep with all orifices. I don't need a clarifier for 4X or 5X lens.

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Those I've had and have. All worked for any game I wanted to play.
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Sometimes use the small housing with 5X lens. Big housing, just playing around - works on the 5 spot.
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Older Ultimate Eagle - they ain't broke, don't replace them.
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Good lookin’ stuff. It seems like a ring works for you indoors. I never gave a ring a serious change. Tried it out once for a few rounds and gave up on it. Maybe too soon. Why is it that ya think it works for you?
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