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Show Us Your Scope — What’s Your Indoor Setup?

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It’s indoor season again. What scope are you running? Lens power? A pin? A dot? A ring? Add a little blurb about why it works for you! Let’s get a discussion going. Post pics!

I’m shooting an Axcel AV-31 with a 6x lens and a red pin. I’ll probably go back to a dot though for indoor. Maybe I’ll experiment with a ring. I’ve been out of the game for ten years and I’m still getting my sea legs back so any advice is welcome!
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This is mine, an Infitec sight ring with the center fiber optic holder dremeled out. I've tried scopes of various types and powers for years, but I've always shot better with just this thing with nothing in the hole. Technically borderline illegal for BHFS, but still my preference even shooting in freestyle.

It was $10 or something like that, from Lancaster a number of years ago. They may have gone up by now, though.


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