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I was getting ready to fletch a few sticks last night and was digging through my archery tacklebox to find my Goat Tuff when I saw a package of shrink wrap that I used to recoat the back stop on my Bowtech. A thought crossed my mind...what if I used shrink wrap instead of contact paper to make a wrap/sleeve for my shafts before I fletch them? I know quick spins use a similar type of tubing that shrinks with hot water but I'm not sure the differences between that material and the type I have in my tackle box.

What are your thoughts on this?

My first concerns are...
1. Will the heat needed to shrink the tubing damage the carbon?
2. If the heat is somewhat okay to use, I'd like to use a lighter because it does such a better job of shrinking the tubing. But for the sake of the arrow should I back off to just a blow dryer?
3. Will the fletching stick to the shrink wrap well or will it flake off at first flight, impact or contact?
4. Is the shrink tubing heavy enough to effect my arrow flight and pin gapping?
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