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Silent Ratchet Straps for Tree Saddle platform?

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I'm a Tree Saddle user and am still in the phase of tinkering with my setup. I'm currently using Ameristep strap-on steps (5 on a strap), but am having trouble with this. The major issue is the inability to get enough tension on the strap to keep steps from slipping. It's not so bad that my feet are sliding down the tree, but there is enough movement that it creates some noise when I step on a new step. I got some relief from this by sticking some sandpaper to the back of the steps, but I don't think this is a good long-term solution as the paper gets torn up and it messes with my OCD to use a band-aid fix like that.

My plan is to to try putting the steps on a continuous loop ratchet strap as I've seen suggested here. My question is: Has anyone found any ratchet straps that don't make the loud ratcheting sound as you tighten things down? It seems like I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul to some degree in that I'm fixing one noise problem just to create another (smaller) one.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Just thread your strap through the ratchet as far as you can and pull tight so you don't have to ratchet it as much. If you ratchet it one click at a time it is not that noisy. I don't like any movement with my steps, so I just deal with the slight noise from the ratchet instead.
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