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I have pristine silver Hoyt Dorado Riser with TT BlackMax Wood/Glass Medium 40# limbs converted to Hoyt Bushings. I don't want to say it but it is very similar to the Katniss bows in the hunger games :wink:.

This is in perfect condition. The package includes:

1. Hoyt Dorado Riser - Silver finish (very rare in itself)
2. perfect condition TT BlackMax Wood/Glass Medium 40# Limbs with the Lancaster conversion to fit GM II and Dorado Risers (includes the original ILF bushings)
3. Custom Astro FF String black/grey with grey serving (matches bow perfectly) new condition, shot once.
4. 4 BowJax II string silencers
5. 2 Sims Limbsavers
6. NAP Flipperest with TWO replacements NIB
7. two replacement strings (both new, never strung 1 Hoyt Flemish AMO 62" and one Hoyt Flemish AMO 60")
8. 1 bear hair rest in great condition for less contact with riser
9. Hoyt Traditional bow bag NIB

Entire package for $520 TYD. The bow is incredibly smooth and the limbs are a definite upgrade to the original Dorado limbs. I put together this bow to shoot for myself but am enjoying my new vintage compound too much and have barely touched it.

I can include a custom made black and silver stabilizer set including V-Bar and extra weights for an additional $45.

PM me for pics.

Thank you!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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