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Sims Cable Dampner?

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what exactly is it?
does it work?

im looking for anything to really make my bow as quiet as possible. i dont want to hear anything when i shoot it. I dont mind if i lose some speed, im at 65# and shooting around 280, so i can boost it up to around 70# to gain any lost speed.

Im adding a sts, 4 bow jack string silencers, and maybe even this cable dampner.

heres is what i am referring to...

Thanks for the help!!
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Have you tried CSS tunerz limb silencers? the Bowjax silencers (attaches to the cable guard)? I also use the sims cable dampeners
Hi Goose7856,
CSS = custom shooting systems.

Look at the PSE NV system. I have them on my PSE silhouette and it reduces vibration and noise. These are mounted on the limb bolts. My Ovation has the tunerz
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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