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Sims Cable Dampner?

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what exactly is it?
does it work?

im looking for anything to really make my bow as quiet as possible. i dont want to hear anything when i shoot it. I dont mind if i lose some speed, im at 65# and shooting around 280, so i can boost it up to around 70# to gain any lost speed.

Im adding a sts, 4 bow jack string silencers, and maybe even this cable dampner.

heres is what i am referring to...

Thanks for the help!!
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Remove the cables from your slide and slip the cable dampner on. The CSS Tunerz come 4 to a package and they wrap around and are removable. You can install them on your riser, limbs cable gaurd and or sight. The best thing about them is that you can put them on a new bow if you upgrade in the future. CSS also has the STS version for a string stopper.
Her is a link for the bowjax they work the same as the sims dampner
Here is the link for the Tunerz
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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