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Well I have just got done hunting in the Sitka gear for the past 9 days. I have worn this clothing line in everything from 35 degrees up to 75 degrees. Sunny skies to down right pouring rain.

I have three pieces of their clothing line

1. (Summit Shirt), this shirt is very thick but breathes extremely well. I was rained on and within a very short time it would natually dry. The material held up very well to berry vines and other brush.

2. (Timberline Vest) I originally bought this for the early morning and evening time of day, but I found that I hardly ever took it off. It is extremely warm yet the fit is very different than most commercial made clothing. This fits very close to your dont have to worry about it catching on your bow sling.

3. (Mountain Pants) Very durable, first and foremost. Also I washed these a couple of times before the hunt and the more I washed them the quieter they became. These pants are very comfortable in all the weather conditions and even when soaking wet they kept me warm. The size is also slightly smaller than you would normally wear, I was told 1/2 to 1 size bigger than a 34" waist is now a 35 for example.

Something very interesting all garments are of different material, and you will notice very nice stich work and very clean sewing lines...quality is definelty top of their list.

Their product line is pricey, but you definelty get a quality garment that you will be able to count on in a wide variety of weather conditions. I am in no way affiliated with them, I am just passing on praise for a product that deserves it.

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