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Slick tricks vs Grizz tricks

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Besides the obvious cutting diameter what is the difference in the 2 heads from guys who have shot both? I have shot slick tricks since they came out and have had great success with them. Just interested in hearing what guys opinions are.:darkbeer:
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On Saturday, I just Grizztricked my first deer, and let me tell you, that hole was huge!!:eek:

The bad thing was, the doe was slightly quartering away, and only about 10 yards from the base of my tree when I shot her, so the entry was very high in the body, and I hit the off shoulder leg bone solid. Absolutely crushed the leg bone, shards of bone everywhere (looked like a rifle wound), and completely broken, yet it did not allow for much of an exit hole. Apparently only the tip of the broadhead (not the blades) made it through the opposite side, which is more than should be expected when hitting that solid leg bone.

Anyway, the deer expired within sight less than 60 yards from the base of my tree, so a blood trail wouldn't have been needed, but since I center punched the right lung, and clipped her heart with two of the 4 blades, she actually pumped blood up and out of the hole at the top of her shoulder blade. There was blood everywhere the entire distance to where she piled up. I should also mention that I just about knocked her off her feet upon impact, then she ran into countless trees, did a back flip over a brushpile, got up and did a cartwheel and crashed and expired right in the middle of a dang briar patch:mad: I guess I deserved that....:tongue:

In conclusion.....I believe I've found the broadhead that I will be using far into the foreseeable future and this is after shooting G5 Strikers last year, and test shooting countless others previously. They shoot as well as any broadhead will out of my fine-tuned Tribute, and wow do they leave a hole. I've never seen a blood trail like that from a high entry with very little or no exit hole.

If they'll shoot for you out of your bow, use em:wink:
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