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Hello, We have Developed a new ECO Friendly Type of Decal called Slickerz which are great for Product Branding, bow customizing, pro-shop labeling, Team decals, Club Decals, School decals. Slickerz are a new permanent water slide decal which can be applied to any smooth surface and are ultra thin less than .5mil of 12 microns and they are substrate free. We will manufacturer your logo, graphic, product branding image, and any great idea for a decal you design. Check out our website if you wish to find out more at:
Rick Werner
President - Slick-It Inc.

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Sounds like it may be just the thing for replacing the silkscreened brand label when people have their limbs refinished!!

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New Decal Media

The Ultimate Ambient Advertising media has Arrived! Imagine a Decal that can be placed on almost any surface and cannot be removed unlit you wish it to be removed.
Imagine a Decal flush surface and has all the attributes of the graphic being painted to the surface.
Imagine a Decal that can be removed in one minute and is ECO Friendly, no PVC vinyl headed to the landfill, no nasty chemicals to remove the sticky adhesive. Well, This product has arrived and it is called SLIKCERZ®.
Slickerz® are a substrate free, multi surface, water slide Paint Transfer Decal, less than .5mil thick that can be applied to any smooth surface including. Our Slickerz® are not heat sensitive like adhesive decals and they are permanent until you wish to remove them. Slickerz® have been extensively tested on Windows, Race cars, open ocean unlimited racing boats, and surfboards so durability is not an issue. Slickerz® Decals can even be clear coated to give you a super smooth finish where you want a permanent solution.

What Traditional Adhesive Vinyl Decals (TAVD’s) can do and cannot do:
TAVD’s can add non-recyclable PVC waste to our landfills.
TAVD’s can add hazardous chemicals to our environment.
TAVD’s can be peeled up limiting your ad exposure time.
TAVD’s do not hold up well to harsh environments like heat, cold and moisture.
TAVD’s as floor graphics pose a tripping hazard over time.
TAVD’s can be hard to remove and replace especially over longer time periods.
TAVD’s cannot be used for multiple applications, a car decal cannot be used as a floor decal, a floor decal cannot be used as a window decal.
TAVD’s are not ECO-Friendly.

Slickerz® decals are great for self-promotion, ambient advertising, product branding, teams, clubs, schools and custom graphics. Slickerz are an excellent solution for industries who use high visibility graphics and decals, branding, racing sports sponsorship, automotive aftermarket, auto dealers, boating, sports teams, auto racing, golf industry, entertainment, gamming. Slickerz also are a great Security Decal because they cannot be removed or transferred with out destroying the decal. So, as you can see Slickerz® have unlimited applications, the only limitations are those of your imagination.

Welcome to the New Revolution of Decal Tecnology Slickerz®!

Where you can use Slickerz?

Windows, floors, counter tops, cars, trucks, boats, planes, surfboards,
snowboards, skateboards, skate ramps, MONSTER trucks, dragsters, stockcars, helmets, pool furniture, just about anywhere you put a Traditional Adhesive Vinyl Decals, Slickerz® will work.

Ten years ago the founder and President of Slick-It Inc. Was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, today happily he is still cancer free but is committed to delivering clean green products. Having been in the printing industry for 26
years he saw a need to develop better ways to create needed printed products. His first target was vinyl decals, he knew that there was a better way, all he had to do was find it. After several years of trial and error he finally found the right combination to create Slickerz®
Slickerz® Decals are an environmentally friendly product because we do not use paper or vinyl substrates or any substrate with our decal. This is what makes Slickerz® unique, we use specialized coatings and inks that are Eco friendly to produce Slickerz®. The Paper carrier we use for our Slickerz® decals is made from Recycled paper and the release coating on the paper is made from a natural food starch product.
Millions of adhesive vinyl decals are produced every year, which end up in land fills, oceans, lakes and streams.
The Plasticizers used in making flexible vinyl are also a major health problem. Also adhesive decals are a major problem for communities as decal graffiti, being placed on public and private property. Costing taxpayers thousands of dollars every year to have them removed. With Slickerz® this does not happen because there is an
application process to put a Slickerz® decal in place, this is an easy process but because there is a process it discourages “stick and go” graffiti. . As you know we all are affected by what waste we put into the environment so anything Slick-It Inc. can do to reduce and reuse we are committed to doing.
With Traditional vinyl and paper decals and stickers there are some environmental issues we would like to point out that maybe you haven’t thought about.

Is Vinyl (PVC) Bad for you and the environment?

In the late 1980s, PVC recycling was promoted by the vinyl industry in order to make PVC more acceptable to the public and to prevent government action to limit PVC production and use. As a result, the general public and decision-makers are now accepting recycling as a technical solution to the environmental problems associated with PVC. This is especially the case in countries with advanced recycling policies, like Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. 

In reality, Greenpeace has found that PVC recycling in the main PVC consuming regions of the world amounts to less then one per cent of consumption. According to independent research, for 70 - 85% of PVC waste, recycling is not even an option for the mid to long term. This means hundreds of thousands of tonnes of PVC waste are destined to become waste in the near future creating a growing disposal problem.
Incineration of PVC is not just a problem because of dioxin emissions. Burning PVC also produces at least 75 byproducts of combustion, including carcinogens such as vinyl chloride, PCBs, chlorobenzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene, xylene, and naphthalene.
Toxic ingredients added to PVC to give it useful properties -- such as lead, cadmium, and phthalates -- are also released during incineration. These will be emitted to the air or in the ash that will be landfilled. Because huge quantities of heavy metals are added to PVC as stabilisers, PVC is the major source of lead and cadmium in the municipal waste stream. In Germany, PVC incineration releases more lead into the environment than leaded gasoline and is considered the main source of cadmium emissions.

We understand that PVC products do have their place in our world, but we feel that they can be reduced in certain
areas so that is what we set out to do.
Slick-It Inc. does not claim to have all the answers, but we will try our best to do what is right for our future generations and planet. If everyone does just a little to help the environment then we are all on the right track.
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