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Small game

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I hear that the G5 SGHs are good heads. I also hear that they blow the guts out of the other side of the animal while barely breaking the skin, if at all, on the impact side. My question is, how much usable meat is left over? What about after being hit by a BH like a ST?
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I'm a big fan of the SGH but it destroys whatever you're shooting at. My experience is with squirrels. My cousin and I go weekly and they seriously tear them apart, and unless you hit a solid rock on the other side, they stay intact. I would only use them on animals up to rabbits though. Another bigger I'd use something like a cheap expandable. I use old broadheads that I've already shot on deer that still work, but are sub par. Mainly, what you want to do to save meat is to avoid the legs. Chest and heads is where you want to hit.

Happy hunting.

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I tried the G5 SGHs last year and wasn't very happy with them. They did not turn out to be very durable. Within just a few shots at rabbits/pheasants/squirrels in slightly rocky ground, I destroyed two out of my three SGH's as well as the arrows they were attached to. Kinda expensive plinking! :mad: In addition, I had difficulty getting them to group with my broadheads and/ fieldpoints (shots all tended to dive low). They look awsome and have devastating hitting power but are just not durable and accurate enough for me.

I am trying some Easton judo-style points this year and so far in testing around the yard, they seem to at least be more durable than the G5 SGH's.

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